Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 61 and counting.....

AND new pictures of Lana taken June 21st!

Some of my friends have gotten their confirmation letters on day 70, and day 77, so......we are getting close, really close! I think the time will fly by now, time to get organized! After the confirmation letters are sent back we should then get our TA (travel approval) a couple weeks after that, and then travel about 2 weeks after that! So, we could travel early August!!! That would be great (except for the sweltering heat of China in August). We would be home for Lana's 6th birthday, something I have been praying for since the beginning!

From the look on the kid's faces, I may have to give in and take suckers for them on our visit to the orphanage! I will also take tooth brushes and toothpaste to make up for it though!