Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can you help?

We are getting closer to Lana, but are still waiting for our Travel Approval (TA). It has been over 3 weeks since we got our confirmation letter and we expect TA any day now!

As we continue our wait, we could use your help with a few things. Most of all, please keep us in your prayers!

Pray for Lana, for her adjustment to joining our family and that we will bond well together. She will be leaving the only home she knows, living with people who do not speak Chinese, and dealing with transportation, foods and sooooo many new things. This is a lot for anyone to deal with.

Pray for Lily, she will also be going through a big change in her life, getting a big sister! While that currently sounds fun to Lily, I am sure the reality will be difficult at times.

Pray for safe travel and good health for all of us. Auntie Karen and cousin Maddie are traveling with us, too.

Pray for us as we prepare to become parents to two precious little girls! What an absolute blessing and honor it is to be given the privilege of parenting these little girls.

Pray for our leave from work. That we use the time well, to bond as a family and help Lana learn English and get ready for school. (By the way - Ma Ma is having a little trouble with her employer and may not be able to use her sick leave (some contract glitch), and this could really cut into how much time we can afford to take off work. We would really like for Ma Ma to take 3 months off to be home with the girls.)

This leads to our last request, pray for our finances. There is no question that adoption is costly. While we would prefer to not have to ask, we could really use some help financially. While we are trusting that God will meet our needs, we also believe that sharing burdens, makes the burdens lighter. If you feel led to assist us in bringing Lana home, you can make a donation directly to our adoption agency in our name. Here is the contact information:

Children’s House International
P.O.Box 1829
Ferndale, WA 98248

Phone: (360) 380-5370
We have also applied for an adoption grant but have yet to hear if we have been awarded a grant.

Thank you so much for sharing our journey!