Saturday, September 22, 2007


We made it home safely yesterday! It was an exhausting trip and we are trying to recover from jet lag. The girls slept 15 hours last night and woke up at noon! We just stayed home today and kept quiet. Our wonderful new neighbor stocked up our refrigerator so we did not even have to go out for groceries!

I will work on a recap of the last week in China soon. But in short, all went well. Our paperwork came together in time, we made all our flights together, and didn't lose any luggage!

Lana is doing really well adjusting to family life. She is learning English quickly. Her first word was "YEAH!" and at the airport in Beijing she put her first question together! She asked "Is this my juice?" Lana can count to 10 and says the A B C's in English. She is a smart little girl! She is eager to learn, loves to draw and practice writing Chinese characters. It has been really fun to see her excitement at seeing new things. When we arrived at the airport in Xi'An for her first flight, we pointed out an airplane on the tarmac and she gasped and squealed with awe when she saw it! We have heard this cute little gasp and squeal many times now, and we love it!