Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update, finally!

Lana and Lily
Where has the time gone? Lana has been with us for almost 9 months! Lana is doing great! She is a happy, healthy kindergartner. Her teacher says Lana is one of the most determined little girls she has ever met. Lana's latest accomplishment, the monkey bars! DaDa has taken the training wheels off her bike and Lana rides like a pro. We go back to Children's for a cardiology check up in July, and will probably only need annual check ups after that. Amazing.

Lily is excited for pre-kindergarten in the fall! She has been learning to read along with Lana. they love to pick out words they know when we are reading at bedtime. Lily also wants to take a gymnastics class as well as swimming and ballet! We are going to start with swimming and go from there.

We celebrated Lily's Adoption day in May. She has been home for 3 years! We also met up with our travel group and got to see Ava and Alice. They are all doing great! Beautiful and healthy girls.

Ava, Lana, Lily and Alice