Monday, March 12, 2007


Meet the next addition to the Life of Razz...Lana!

We can hardly wait to put a smile on that face! We are in the process of adopting Lana! Lana's Chinese name is Qian Hao (Lily's Chinese name is Qian Ping...coincidence...?!?!) Born September 8,2001. So, Lily is getting a BIG sister! Lana is described as quiet, obedient, and likes to help the little kids at the orphanage with their coats and shoes. We are not sure when we will be traveling, but we hope, hope, hope to be home for her birthday in September.
Please pray for speedy paperwork!
Lana is in Xi'An, so we get to spend a week in Xi'An! We absolutely loved our visit to Xi'An when we traveled to China to adopt Lily. It is a beautiful city and is the location of the Terracotta Soldiers.