Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lily...Then and Now

Lily...Then. This the first picture we saw of Lily! Those big, sad, weepy eyes instantly melted our hearts! Born April 20, 2004, adopted May 18, 2005. Her Chinese name is Ling Qian Ping. Ling is the last name given to all the children at the Shangrao orphanage, Qian is for the county where she is from and Ping is a water lily! We did not know the meaning of Ping when we named her Lily.

Lily...Now. Here she is now, quite a little lady with her "big girl" haircut, showing off her dimples! Lily will be 3 years old on April 20th!

Some of her favorite things are:
-Noodles (Our "noodle girl" from the beginning! We absolutely fell in love with her when we saw her slurp noodles in Nanchang)
-Musicals (Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang tops the list)
-Singing (We sing nightly before bed)
-Hot Wheels (Stashed everywhere! I have found them in my shoes, in my chair, in my purse!)
-Shoes (Playing "shoes" is a regular pastime, we need to get some larger squeaky shoes when we are in China)
-Books (Books, Books, and more Books!)
-Friends (Includes her little girl friends, and her dolls and stuffed animals, they are all referred to as "my friends")