Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Lana's surgery was a great success!

Here is a time line of today's surgery:

6:15 Arrive and register. We met our translator, and he was awesome! He was very comfortable talking with Lana and was really humorous! Lana played shy and did not talk but he was able to get a few grins out of her. He helped us explain to her that she was going to have surgery to fix her heart and that lots of kids have surgery on their hearts. We explained that she would be able to ride her bike and not get tired and out of breath, and that her fingers and toes would not be purple any more and that they would not be so cold all the time.
7:45 The doctors took her back to prepare her for surgery. The anesthesiologists would need about 1 hour to prepare her medicines and put in her I.V.
9:00 Surgery began
10:15 Lana is put on the bypass machine
11:15 Lana is off bypass! (Only 1 hour on bypass!)
12:00 Surgery is over and the doctor came out to talk with us. He said that the surgery went well and that Lana's heart was beating normally, no pacemaker!
1:30 We got to see Lana and she is PINK and WARM!!! She is doing great!
5:00 Lana is "out breathing" the ventilator, which means that they will probably take her off the ventilator soon.
6:45 Lana is waking up and asking for water. They took her off the ventilator and she is breathing on her own! She is in and out but did wake up long enough to blow bubbles with Lily.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf! It is an answer to prayer that Lana is doing this well so fast.