Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upadte on Lana

Lana is doing great! She is breathing on her own and her heart is beating normally (no pacemaker), she ate strawberry ice cream today and even got up and walked a few steps and sat in the chair with DaDa for about an hour! Lana will probably be moved out of ICU today, too. Amazing!
Yesterday the surgeon said that she had an unusual heart anatomy and a "gigantic hole" in her heart (I wonder how often a cardiac surgeon says gigantic when describing a VSD?). It sounds like the surgery was challenging and we are thankful that she had her surgery here. The surgeon assured us that she has the best patch possible. They were also able to patch her pulmonary artery to widen it, rather than replace it with an artificial tube. The artificial tube would not "grow" with her and it would have meant that she would most certainly need another surgery in the future. With the patched PA, the chance of needing another surgery are small, YEAH!